A Working Jazz Band Shows Off Its Polish In ‘Canada Day IV’ (via NPR)


This is FRESH AIR. Jazz drummer and composer Harris Eisenstadt is originally from Toronto but now lives in Brooklyn. Eight years ago, he put together a quintet called Canada Day. Four of the original members are still around for their fourth album. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says it shows the wisdom of sticking together.


KEVIN WHITEHEAD, BYLINE: Drummer Harris Eisenstadt’s long-running quintet whose new album “Canada Day IV” makes a case for working bands. Some great jazz records are made by one-shot combinations, taking their first crack at tricky material, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes you just hear the musicians struggling, like they’re squinting at the sheet music. Harris Eisenstadt’s compositions aren’t so difficult, but they have a lot of sudden reversals and abrupt changes of mood that are quite effective if the players know all the turns in the road. His band can swing, but he may make you wait for it.

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