American Music Sprang from a New Orleans Park (via TEXOMAS)

The musical contributions of Louisiana’s African-American community play a rich part in United States history. The culture of Louisiana itself  moves to its rhythms. And African-Americans greatly influenced the Louisiana music scene – from jazz, to blues, to present-day hip hop.

Those contributions can still be heard in Jackson Square in New Orleans, across the street from the Mississippi River.

Kenneth Terry of the Kenneth Terry Brass Band said that the music they play comes from their roots.

“All this music we are playing out here come from slavery days, what are forefathers, brought from Africa to the streets of New Orleans,” Terry said. “If you look behind me, that’s where all the slaves used to get off the boats.  This is what we do to keep our culture, our culture growing throughout New Orleans.”

They’re mainly playing New Orleans jazz music, also known as Dixieland, the new jazz that replaced ragtime music.

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