Amplified Observations: Jazz isn’t just for your grandfather, give it a chance (via The Post Athens)

When someone not predisposed to jazz considers the century-old genre, they might imagine smooth, melodramatic horns and a percussive double-bass plodding along a repetitive progression. It might all sound the same to them or might seem too intricate or instrumental or dated to be enjoyed for more than five minutes of studying.

However, like the lives of the men and women who pioneered its music, jazz music goes a lot deeper than just its surface.

Jazz is an amazing form of musical expression birthed in the United States by the spontaneity of back alley musicians playing the choruses of ragtime-based vaudeville songs in accompaniment with early 20th century musical ideas such as syncopation and tresillos.

Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton stand out as two early jazz musicians who incorporated the styles of the time in ways that would give the genre a signature sound that would later spawn many unique subgenres including swing, bebop, cool, hard bop, free, modal and eventually smooth.

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