Arturo O’Farrill broadens the horizons of Latin jazz (via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

When big bands play Latin music, they often focus on dancing. Arturo O’Farrill is trying to change that.

In 2002, he formed the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra to “[give] a voice to a music that was relegated to mambo. We didn’t really have a voice for having a creative outlet for this music.”

Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra

Times: 7 (sold out) and 9:30 p.m. Friday, Jazz Concert Hall, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild.

Tickets: $27-$49.50, 412-322-0800,

The group, which plays the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Jazz Concert Hall on Friday, is part of the nonprofit Afro-Latin Jazz Alliance, which, among other things, does educational work in its home base of New York City and performs music from such countries as Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. 

“Every single country has really different culture — they developed [unique] musical styles and cultural frameworks,” Mr. O’Farrill says.

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