Bio Bay Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you are a nature enthusiast or love a good adventure, hop into a kayak with one of the local tour guides and visit the Bioluminescent Bay (Bio Bay) on isla Vieques Puerto Rico.

This nighttime excursion will blow your mind.

We traveled to the Bio Bay when it was so dark that the guide used a flashlight to communicate with us before we hit the water. 7 groups of two jumped into our individual kayaks and paddled to the middle of the bay.

It was so dark that you couldn’t see your hands in front of you. Your eyes eventually will adjust to the darkness and you will be able to see faint shadows. We followed our guide, in our kayaks, by paddling towards the small glow stick around his neck. As you travel towards the center of the Bay, the magic starts to happen.

Micro organisms illuminate when disturbed in the water. Whether its from your oar that you use to paddle the kayak or the fish swimming in the water, the bay comes alive at night…its such an incredible light show produced by nature.

The highlight was seeing a stingray jump out of the water glowing in the night sky.

It was so many things all at once: heart pounding anxiety of being on a lake at night with no lights, team work required to get together paddling our kayak (again at night) and the sheer beauty of undisturbed nature at its finest.

Visit the Bio Bay!!

Definitely a top ten lifetime experience!

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