Blaise Lantana of KJZZ Explains Why Jazz Will Ruin All Other Music For You – If You Let It (via Phoenix New Times)

Jazz isn’t easy. 

Whether you’re learning it, performing it, writing about it, or promoting it, the quintessential American art presents myriad challenges. But one person in Phoenix is up for that effort, and has given jazz a prime-time slot in the Phoenix music scene, and that person is KJZZ’s music director Blaise Lantana.

Lantana hosts Classic Jazz on the city’s local NPR member station on weekdays from 8 to 11 p.m. That’s three straight hours of Lantana’s hand-selected blend of legends and contemporary artists, with the occasional representative of the local scene thrown in for good measure. As such, she is a tireless advocate for a musical genre that is as demanding of listeners as it is rewarding. 

“Fall in love with jazz, and it will ruin you for everything else,” she says.

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