Delhi’s Tryst With Jazz Music (via Huffington Post)

Amid late monsoon showers and darkened skies, the city’s landscape changes from a sweltering inferno to a bedlam of chaos and cacophony. However, amid the mind-numbing traffic and ludicrous potholes, the heart of India does retain its charm in the form of musical extravaganzas — like jazz band JBD Trio’s performance here.

QLA – a newly open music, food and beverage destination – saw JBD Trio — a group comprising of saxophonist Derek Beckvold and drummer Bob Jordon from the US and New Delhi-based bassist Jayant Manchanda — took to the stage in Delhi on Sunday night.

The band presented an awe-inspiring, two-hour long set of traditional jazz tunes, albeit in their own, trademark improvisation — and having visited QLA on two occasions earlier this month, I knew that their choice of artist was yet again going to be exemplary. It was.

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