Eclectic Jazz (via Eugene Weekly)

Badi Assad comes from a distinguished Brazilian musical family, but she’s blazed new trails, not just as a guitarist (like her brothers Sergio and Odair) but also as a vocalist and body-and-vocal percussionist. Her musical vision broadened to embrace jazz, pop and world music, including collaborations with jazz giants John Abercrombie and Larry Coryell, as well as covers of U2, Bjork, Tori Amos and more. 

Assad’s new album, Hatched, which she’ll play from in her show 7:30 pm Friday, Feb. 12, at The Shedd, features her own compositions alongside Afro-Brazilian style covers of hits by Hozier, Mumford & Sons, Lorde, Skrillex and more, performed in her own easygoing yet electrifying style.

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