Emirates Air-Luxury Travel at Coach Fares

Luxury Travel at Coach Fares

Emirates Airlines provides a luxurious travel experience with economy prices. Considered by most seasoned travelers as the “best” airline experience.  The Standard Coach features include roomy seats with lots of leg space, delicious full meal and of course complimentary cocktail service.

The stylish and super friendly airline crew is truly a throw back to the customer oriented Pan-Am Airline days of old. Who wouldn’t wake up from a long flight happy when you see these smiling beautiful faces of the Emirates Airlines Flight Crew.  Attention to detail and superior customer service is truly the cornerstone of the Emirates Airlines Experience.

If you want to spend a little more money and travel business and/or first class, it is here where you have truly hit the Luxury Jackpot.  Mere words cannot describe the experience…in-flight bar lounge, flatbed seating, plus a service button.

Emirates Airlines – Sky Luxury 





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