Great American Brass Band Festival revives jazz (via Kentucky Forward)

Full Title: Great American Brass Band Festival revives jazz, America’s contribution to world music (via Kentucky Forward)

You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville June 4 – 7.
Brass greats of American jazz headline the 26th annual festival. While maintaining a wide range of brass styles and performing groups-from historical bands of the Civil War to modern, large-scale British-style brass bands-the festival will have a special focus on America jazz and some of the great brass performers who played a major role in the development of America’s most significant contribution to world music.

“We’re really excited to bring jazz music to the forefront of this year’s festival,” says Great American Brass Band Festival Executive Director Niki Kinkade in a release on the festival website. “Brass music is such a huge part of what gives jazz its iconic sound—our festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase that connection.”

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