Groovy Gravy: Ten Soul-Jazz Songs to Get You Through Thanksgiving (via Westword)

Gravy is a Thanksgiving culinary staple, a condiment loved for its rich, smooth flavor. And shouldn’t your holiday soundtrack be as mellow and funky as the gravy on your potatoes? We’ve got you covered. Compiled for your listening pleasure, we present ten soul-jazz morsels that combine soulful blues inflections and a solid jazz foundation to set the mood. Whether cooking, dining or reclining on the couch staring out into the rapidly approaching night, let these delicious classics pour over you.

1. Gravy Train by Lou Donaldson
All aboard! Hop on the “Gravy Train,” with tenor saxophonist Lou Donaldson, who released the title cut from the album of the same name on Blue Note Records in 1961.

2. Gravy Waltz by Oscar Peterson
Has gravy ever made you want to dance? Take a loved one in your arms and groove to the “Gravy Waltz,” which showcases pianist Oscar Peterson in collaboration with bassist and composer of the tune, Ray Brown from this 1962 release from the album Affinity.

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