Jazz Recordings With a Sense of History and Discovery (via NY Times)

One of this year’s must-hear new jazz releases was recorded half a century ago. Another one dates to 1968, and others from similar points on the timeline. All of which highlights a trend: Even by the standards of the jazz record industry, which routinely mines the past, this has been an exceptional year for historical windfalls, many of them arriving with a spark of discovery.

That bounty includes “Ready Take One,” an all-new Erroll Garner compilation, and “Unheard Bird,” made up of recently discovered session takes by Charlie Parker. And the National Jazz Museum in Harlem recently began releasing digital albums culled from a famous trove of historical recordings: “The Savory Collection, Volume 2 — Jumpin’ at the Woodside: The Count Basie Orchestra Featuring Lester Young” will be out Friday through Apple Music and iTunes.

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