Jazz road music, inspired by Richard Hugo (via Missoulian)

In an essay called “Writing Off the Subject,” Richard Hugo advises against staying too true to a subject of a poem, since it could become an impediment. Instead, writers should choose “truth over music.”

“He uses music as a way to kind of talk about how language should work, so obviously that appealed to me immediately,” said jazz composer and pianist Wayne Horvitz.

Horvitz followed that sentiment in “Some Places Are Forever Afternoon,” a collection of instrumentals based on the Northwest icon’s poems and predilection for writing about small Montana towns. (It’s subtitled “11 Places for Richard Hugo.”)

Last summer, Horvitz, 59, took a two-week road trip through Montana from his home base in Seattle for inspiration for the album, which was released last week.

Horvitz steers a septet through moody and beautiful chamber-jazz with flourishes of country, blues and occasional flights of dissonance.

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