No curfew: 72 hours of Jazz Fest (via NolaVie)

Die-hard Jazz Fest fans come in all shapes and sizes, from young to old and local to international, and all have a seemingly endless supply of energy that keeps them dancing until they physically cannot keep their eyes open. Jazz Fest stands out from the overcrowded national festival scene in special ways that any regular can quickly point out: incredible homegrown talent, amazing food, engrossing art, (usually) mild weather, and a national treasure of a city.

While these are all valid reasons to choose choose Jazz Fest over other big-name festivals, there is one big advantage our fest has over them all: the complete absence of a curfew. There’s nothing like a party that never ends, and during Jazz Fest it’s pretty much impossible to find a single hour without live music in some form.

This past weekend I crammed in as much music as I could amidst my normal working and living responsibilities, choosing music over sleep whenever possible.  From Thursday evening to Sunday night I took in some of the best performances of my life AND managed to keep my job and girlfriend.  Here’s my account of the wild odyssey that was Weekend 1 of Jazz Fest 2015.

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