Retro jazz scene recalled in ‘Chops’ (via NWI)

The world of Windy City jazz is featured in “Chops” at Theater Wit in Chicago. The world premiere production, written by Michael Rychlewski and produced by Dashnight Productions, continues through Aug. 14.

“Three of the four characters in the show are guys who were major players on Rush Street in the heyday of (Chicago) jazz,” said Richard Shavzin, director of “Chops.” He added Rush Street was the scene where old school Chicago jazz thrived during the late ‘50s to ‘70s. The show is actually set in 1984, well past the jazz club heyday.

“Chops” features characters Vince, a former bartender, and friends Walt and Philly as well as female jazz lover Kaki. The story line revolves around talk of the old jazz heyday, the tensions between friends and other problems in their lives.

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