Review: Jazz greats in films in ‘Miles,’ ‘Nina,’ ‘Blue’ (via The Detroit News)

Jazz greats Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Chet Baker come back to life on the big screen this weekend in three wildly different projects that illustrate varying approaches to their subjects.

The Miles Davis film “Miles Ahead” is the most out-there of the bunch, approaching Davis’ life as an improvised jazz solo. Writer-director-star Don Cheadle gives a towering performance that the film simply can’t keep up with; he’s truly on his own, which is perhaps the way Davis would have wanted it.

The film takes place in Davis’ reclusive later years, when his productivity slowed to a halt and his eccentricities took over. Cheadle plays Davis as a volatile chain-smoking gangster who barks, “get the (expletive) off me, Hitler!” in a threateningly raspy whisper when approached by a fan.

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