Sisters in Jazz (via Rutgers)

Students in NJPAC’s All-Female Jazz Residency get some “Women to Women” advice from the pros. 

Young women embarking on careers in jazz have a tough walk to the front line. How do they build credibility to stay in sync with their male counterparts? How can they tell if pick-up, late-night jams are intended to be productive – or pick-ups? Is there an unspoken etiquette to approaching the masters for advice?

That last question also became a wish fulfilled for the two dozen students of NJPAC’s All-Female Jazz Residency, a week-long, arts education intensive that speaks to the sparsity of women on the bandstand. Six of the faculty members, all tops in their field, gathered on July 13 for “Women to Women: Navigating a Life in Jazz,” a panel and Q&A for the 14- to 25-year-old participants.

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