Skonberg keeps this women’s jazz fest rolling (via Democrat & Chronicle)

Sinatra might have called her the blonde dame with a horn. But those days are over. Women have demolished barriers across the board, and we’re seeing it big this week at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, where everyone’s talking about the women.

Bria Skonberg, a trumpet player of righteous clarity. A vocalist of sparkling charm. And as a songwriter, she quoted a musician friend, “‘If I’m going to play obscure music, it might as well be my own.’”

Skonberg opened her packed first show at the Harro East Ballroom on a New Orleans street, then used her muted trumpet to move the scene to a swanky, smoky cabaret. Songs courtesy of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. Skonberg noted that “Don’t Be That Way,” a mid-tempo ballad of good behavior, “applies to most, if not all, of the candidates” in this president-elect season.

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