Two of the Best NYC Jazz Vocalists of 2016 (via Observer)

“There is a flow of sound, like water: you float or surf or sail.” This is how Tamar Korn describes the jazz vocalist’s job. And yes, she does have a little more to add, as if improvising knowingly.

“Your center of gravity gives you balance over the constantly moving water,” says Korn of herself when singing. “You can’t control the motion of the waves, but you can choose which waves to ride. When I get above subsistence level in a gig, and can actually feel things and fly on them and float on them…the momentum has gathered enough that I don’t have to make the momentum anymore. I’m feeling supported and inspired,” she explains. “It’s a mixture of repetition and surprise.”

Summing up, she says, “I’m feeling my balance on a perpetually dense moving force, the ocean—my instrument.” She means her voice, naturally. It’s true enough: this California migrant to New York has surfed “a few times.”

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