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Eyes closed, shaking his head back and forth, Evan Groover finishes his saxophone solo and admires the playing of fellow ensemble member, guitarist Anthony McIntosh.

Musicians put every piece of their heart and soul into their music. By watching them play, one can tell they feel it down to the core. They’re moving their feet, hips, everything; soaking up the euphonious sounds.

Imagine an emotion so intense, no words can describe it. Imagine that emotion filling you up, taking over your entire being. This is what musicians feel when they connect with music.

Here at the UW, jazz ensembles allow for students to express themselves through music. These ensembles are small groups comprised of three or more musicians, most featuring the drums, piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone.

Jazz Innovations is a yearly concert performed by these ensembles that features student-composed or arranged music. They emphasize individual performers through solos, but the groups connect with each other as well. 

Each member nodded along when the piano player’s fingers took off, closing their eyes with satisfaction when a complicated combination of notes was played perfectly.

When asked if they played anything other than jazz music, they all laughed.

“Jazz is in every genre,” McIntosh said. “You can appreciate other genres through jazz.”

From their performance, it was evident how much time and effort they put into their playing.

“Music is all I think about,” Groover said.

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