What is Destination Jazz?

Destination Jazz is a visual journey to exotic locations around the world.

Today’s Tourist is a thrill seeking experiential traveler who wants to explore local food and culture beyond the traditional tourist attractions.  International Jazz Festivals provide the perfect backdrop for this kind of adventurer.  Often held in the most exotic locations around the world, International Jazz Festivals allow its attendees to enjoy the local food and culture of the region as well as a concert line-up featuring some of the greatest performing talents of our era.  From the islands of the Caribbean, to the shores of South America, to dreamy European locations…Destination Jazz is your tour guide.

The website highlights:

— Top International Jazz Festivals

— Jazz Artists from Around the World

— Exotic Travel Destinations

— Art and Local Culture from Jazz Festival Host Cities

— Travel Tips

— Destination JazzTV

Destination Jazz is the premiere online resource for the international jazz enthusiast!